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Amazon ‘Request a Review’ Automation

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Sellers have found Amazon's customer product review policies confusing, and the failure to abide by these policies can lead to the removal of a product's reviews, product delisting, or even a withdrawal of their selling privileges.

In response, BQool has launched BigCentral's Amazon Request a Review Automation, which permits sellers to send out a 100% Amazon-compliant review request. Rather than clicking each individual Request a Review button on Seller Central, sellers may now automate the request while utilizing additional filters and the flexible email scheduling settings, all in BigCentral Campaign Manager.

The message sent to buyers is 100% Amazon compliant and is non-customizable but is personalized to include Your Store Name and Product Name. The email will also include both the seller feedback and product review, so there will be no need to send out separate emails.

Email Subject: Did your recent Amazon order meet your expectations? Review it on Amazon

Email Template: 


How to Setup the 'Amazon Request Review & Feedback Campaign':

Under the Campaigns menu, locate the 'Amazon Request Review & Feedback' campaign with the 'Amazon Default' badge and click 'Edit' to configure this campaign.

mceclip1.pngUsers can also create a 'Customized Amazon Email' campaign based on the Amazon Default by clicking on the 'Copy' button. After clicking ‘Copy’, a new Amazon campaign will be created and users will need to decide which marketplace to have the new campaign assigned to.

From there, click the 'Edit' button to start custom configurations. The system will open an Amazon Campaign setup interface, where users can start customizing the filters and scheduling settings. 



How to Configure the 'Amazon Default Email' Campaign:

The configuration is similar to the seller requested email campaigns, but no longer includes the template or content sections.


You can check and edit the setup section of the 'Amazon Default Campaign'.


The filters section is packed with multiple filters to maximize the number of product reviews and seller feedback responses by targeting the right buyers.

The filters section can personalize automated email requests targeted at key buyers such as repeat buyers or buyers who have already left positive feedback, resulting in the likelihood of more positive reviews. For more info related to filter details, please visit Email Campaign Filters.


To be fully compliant with Amazon's 'Request a Review' policy, the emails are scheduled to send in the time frame of 5 to 30 days after the order’s delivery date as shown in the newly designed schedule dropbox. In addition, the scheduling now provides more flexible timing settings, which enable users to select the specific time and days of the week for sending product review and seller feedback request emails. 

Please visit Campaign Manager – Additional Scheduling Options for more information. 

If the email's scheduled date doesn't fall on the selected days of the week, then the system will postpone sending the email until the subsequent selected day.
For example, if the system is instructed to send emails 5 days after delivery and the designated email delivery days are Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, then what happens if 5 days after the order was delivered is a Thursday? Since Thursday is not among the selected days, the system will postpone the email delivery to Friday as illustrated in the image attached below. 


Lastly, users can preview the email before activating the 'Amazon Email Campaign' by clicking the Preview icon.


Additional Information: 

  • In accordance with Amazon's communication guidelines, one order can only receive one Feedback and Review Request email. If both the Amazon Default and the Seller Requested Email campaigns are active, only the Amazon Default emails will be executed.  
  • It's possible to have both the Amazon Default and Seller Requested email campaigns in Active status if the Seller requested email campaigns don't have any feedback requests or review requests or any review invitation wording on the content as illustrated in the image attached below. 


For more information about the differences between the Amazon Request a Review and Seller Requested Review campaigns, please refer to the chart below.



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