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Repricing Schedule

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The Basics

The Repricing Schedule function allows you to set the time to pause and restart the repricing. On top of that, BQool users can consider the activated Repricing Schedule as a way to reprice up.

Every AI Rule and Based Rule can be set with its own schedule. When you assign a listing with a rule that has the schedule set up, the Repricing column on that listing will display a clock icon.

When you hover over the clock icon, it will show the details of the repricing schedule.


To set a schedule for your repricing rules, please go to [Repricing Rule] > (far right column-Schedule)



You can set either Repeated Schedule or Fixed Date Schedule.

Set Repeated Schedule

You can select the days to be repeated for every week.

  1. Your Price: 'Your price' means your last adjusted price. To increase or reduce the listing price based on the newest price before paused repricing.

  2. Max Price: Remain at the Max Price or reduce the price based on the Max Price.

  3. Min Price: Remain at the Min Price or increase the price based on the Min Price.


Set Fixed Date Schedule

You can set Pause Repricing for a specific period, which can be functioned as a'Vacation Mode'


☛ BQool uses the New price during the Pause Repricing period.
The only way to temporarily set your price higher during the pause period is to change it manually. The "Your New Price = _________" will be used as the New Price after the Pause Repricing starts. During the Pause Repricing period, the price which the system will be using is the new price. After the pause repricing time ends, the system will start receiving SQS reports on the given listings and repricing them accordingly. 

☛ Price adjustment done by the out of stock reset rule won't be overridden by Repricing Schedule/The Repricing Schedule will only affect the Active listings.

The latest update on March 18th, 2019 for Repricing Schedule is that the Schedule will only affect the listing with Active inventory.


If the product is out of stock and the out of stock setting has been enabled, the system will disregard the Repricing Schedule Rule. In other words, the Repricing Schedule will only affect the repricing mechanics of ctive listings.


Special Feature: Opportunity to Reprice Up

Some BQool users might use “Max Price” to drastically increase the profit margin. However, based on the past competition observation, most of the time it would result in losing the Buy Box ownership or the adjusted price get dragged to back where the main price competition is. It's recommended to set “Your Price + a moderate Price percentage” to increase the profit margin gradually. 


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