General Settings


There are a few settings that are available to enhance your user experience under Manage Listings > Settings > General.


All the options are turned off by default. Once you turn on the options, we will automatically process the settings you selected.

1. Set Default Time Zone 

You can set a default Time Zone for your Repricing Central. This time zone will be used on all time-related function and data record.


Simply select the country and the time zone you prefer.

2. Reset Your Price When Listing is Out of Stock

By turning this option on, we will send a final price adjustment after we receive the data report from Amazon’s API when you are out of stock. You can select from last adjusted price, Min Price or Max Price and add/subtract an amount or percentage.


This setting can help you reset a higher price before you restock the listing, in order to protect your profit.

If the “Reset Your Price when a listing is out of stock” setting is enabled and the listing goes out of stock, the system will submit the final price adjustment to the Seller Central end. The final price adjustment will not be overridden by the Repricing Schedule settings.

3. InventoryLab Integration


Here, you can turn on the integration to start importing the cost value of your listings automatically from InventoryLab. Follow the instructions to turn the integration on from our side and the InventoryLab‘s side.
You can read more about the integration here:

4. Assign default values to NEW listings downloaded from Amazon

Turning on these settings will allow you to automatically assign default values to new listings when they are downloaded for the first time. The listings that are already in BQool before turning on this setting will NOT be affected. 



Set default Min/Max prices


You can base the calculations on a fixed price, on the current live price or on the default cost set below. It is not possible to base these calculations on the cost received from InventoryLab. 

Set default Repricing Rule


You can choose which existing repricing rule will be automatically assigned to newly imported listings. 

Set default Cost


You can assign a default cost based on a fixed price or on the current live price.

Set FBM shipping cost


You can set your actual cost for FBM shipping to be used by the Profit Calculator. NOTE: It is your actual FBM shipping cost to your buyers, not what buyers are paying for shipping.

Set FBA shipping price


Usually, BQool download shipping price information directly from Amazon. However, the process takes a few hours. To make sure your FBA shipping price is always $0 and to be able to calculate Min/Max prices even before shipping prices are downloaded, you can turn this setting on and set it to $0.
NOTE: This is NOT an Inbound Shipping value.

(EU marketplaces only) Set VAT rate


For your European marketplaces, you can set a VAT rate to be added in the Profit Calculator for the calculation of Min/Max prices.

VAT Rate calculation = (Final Price x VAT %) / (1 + VAT %)
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