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The email campaign copied from Sample campaign will be reassigned to the “All Campaigns” category. Users can proceed to edit the email campaign in the All Campaign category. 


Please refer to the following 5 step procedure to configure your campaign. 

  1. Setup

  2. Template

  3. Content

  4. Filter

  5. Schedule

    1: Setup (Back to the Top)


    2: Template (Back to the Top)

    Template: Feedback/ Review temple all on one setting

    BQool reorganizes the template selection layouts and aggregates the 2 feedback and  2 review templates all in one view. Users can easily select whichever feature-packed template fits your campaign preference.




    Saved Template

    You can choose from one of the templates that you have previously saved


     3: Content: (Back to the Top)

    Whether users decide to use their own templates or select from one of our templates, there are several key tools under the content step that will help make the email campaign stand out.


Automatic attachment of Order ID on Email Campaigns

Sellers are now required to include the Order ID in the subject line.
The {{order_id}} variable will be added automatically to the end of every subject line.



AI-Powered Subject

The latest feature of subject editing utilizes powerful and sophisticated AI technology. Users can still edit their own Email subject title. However, users can also click on the AI-Powered Email Subject feature and allow BQool’s advanced subject algorithm to craft the Email subject title by using big data analysis and the best industry knowledge in the customer care feedback realm.



Please select the type of subject corresponding to the purpose of the Email Campaign by clicking on the “Subject Type” drop-down menu.

Next, simply toggle on the AI-Powered Email Subject feature. The AI will sift through and analyze our database of more than 10 thousand usage effectiveness records and create the optimal email subject to boost customer open rate.mceclip12.png


Amazon Buy-seller Messaging Guidelines Update

BQool has added a new reminder for the users when crafting email content. Please avoid any links to the Amazon product details page or Seller’s own storefront in accordance with Amazon’s Buy-seller Messaging Guidelines.




The new toolbar at the top of the content window is designed to help you quickly find the formatting you need to better shape the way you want to communicate with the email receiver.

Some tools that are worth mentioning include text styles, content alignment (left, center, right, justified), indentation, images, links and HTML code customization.



The HTML Code customization allows code-savvy users to specify the details and format of the email content further. You can refer to the Amazon HTML code policy as a guideline when coding.




Users can find the variable menu at the bottom right corner. Users can insert variables into the email to display specific order information for the individual buyer. We grouped available variables into five categories. Please click on the category to expand the list of available variables.



After clicking on the paper clip icon, the system will pop out the Select Attachment screen, where users can upload attachments or select attachments that have already been uploaded to the system.

The number of files that users can store in the attachment is only limited by the maximum storage of 50 MB. The system will factor  “saved themes,” "image upload from the editor," and "attachment" into the attachment upload capacity.

The system will notify the users with a pop-up warning when the total attachment upload is over 50 MB.

The Add attachment upload capacity

The total attachment upload Capacity is determined by the number of the marketplaces add-ons under the BigCentral subscription. One marketplace offers maximum storage of 50 MB. If users have two marketplaces subscribed under one BigCentral subscription, then the total attachment upload Capacity will be 100 MB.




 4. Filter (Back to the Top)

Filters: There are many filters available to target more specific customers. Please remember to select the correct options after toggling one of the Filters. 



The top three filters are basic options many of our users decide to toggle on.   mceclip10.png


5. Schedule (Back to the Top)


There are three settings you can select for your campaign schedule.

  • Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) Orders (Delivery option is only available for FBA orders)
  • Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM) Orders
  • Email Delivery Time: as soon as possible or a fixed time for a particular time zone; The country and time zone will only appear on the page after a time is selected.

30-day email Delivery Limit

Within the Email Campaign, when selecting the period to schedule the email delivery for both FBA and FBM orders, the available time period will now show up to 30 days.


To improve the email open rate, BQool is introducing the AI-Powered Schedule feature, which helps to determine the best time and date to send the customer care emails. With the help of machine learning and big data analysis, our revolutionary AI-driven technology can predict the optimal schedule for each email.

When the AI-Powered Smart Schedule feature is toggled on, BQool will automatically match email send dates according to email subjects for both AI-driven subject and standard subject email.

The difference between the AI-Powered Smart Schedule and a standard schedule is that our machine learning technology constantly assesses and analyzes usage effectiveness of the email sending schedule based on the data analysis of more than 10 thousand users results from the BQool community.

The system continuously assesses the effectiveness of the email sending result and finds the optimal time of the email delivery schedule providing the fact that the algorithm factors in the fulfillment type, marketplace product categories, and other aspects into the email schedule configuration.




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