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How to solve delisted listings on your BQool account?

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For the users whose listings have been delisted due to pricing errors, please check out our Potential pricing error article first before proceeding to the solution outlined in the following paragraph. 

The Difficulty when Troubleshooting Potential Pricing Errors

With all the valuable information outlined above, now you understand the importance of setting the correct Min and Max price on Seller Central's end. However, user feedback analysis indicates that lots of users experienced the listings being deactivated right after it appears on the BQool end.

Users will change “Your Price” of the delisted ASIN in Seller Central first to reactivate the ASIN, but Repricing Central will receive the ASIN and reprice the item based on the inappropriate Min and Max Price range and cause the potential pricing error again. In this case, the users should consider using the latest Delisted Table to correct Min and Max Prices first if the potential pricing error is caused by the Min and Max Price range.

The Latest Solution for Potential Pricing Error issue: Delisted Table

The delisted listings table can help users achieve the following things. 

  1. Users can easily locate the previous Min and Max Price records of delisted SKUs on the delisted listings page as illustrated in the image below. The most recent delisted SKU will be placed at the top of the table.

  2. Users can update Min Price, Max Price, and Rule directly on the delisted SKU before reactivating the delisted listing in Amazon Seller Central.


Please follow the instructions below to access the “Delisted Listings.”

Step 1: Navigate to the Delisted table by clicking on "Listings > Delisted Listings."


Step 2: Input SKU or ASIN to search your delisted SKU, and note that the latest delisted SKU will be placed at the top of the table.

☛ Note: Due to the update frequency of the listing report, if a listing has been delisted in Seller Central and you can’t find it in the delisted table, please try to go back to the “Manage Listings” table to find it.

Step 3: You have the option to modify Min Price, Max Price, and assigned a rule for the delisted SKU.

If your SKU was still in “Enable Repricing” status when it was delisted, once the delisted SKU is reactivated, Repricing Central will reprice your SKU with the new Min and Max Prices and Rule. However, if you leave one of the Min Price or Max Price fields empty and save in the delisted table (see the screenshot below), we will pause the repricing once its reactivated in the future.


Step 4: Click on "Listings > Active Listings" to check the listings after they are reactivated. 



In summary, if the listing is delisted because Repricing Central sends a price out of Seller Central Min-Max Range, users can update the Min and Max Price on the Delisted Table in Repricing Central before reactivating the listing on Seller Central’s end. 

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