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As a special service, a give back to our customer, we will now start issuing credits for emails that are forwarded to us due to buyer opt-out issue (Please see Buyer Opt-Out Email and What You Should Do ).


How do we issue the email credit?

Our system will run over the forwarded email from you every day and issue the credit amount to your account.  (Please see: How to Configure Your Buyer Opt-Out Email System)

For monthly subscriptions: the credit will expire on the billing date every month. 

For annual subscriptions: you can use the credit throughout the year (When you upgrade, you will be able to bring the credit to the new plan)

We issue a maximum of one email credit per order even if multiple emails are sent. The email credit will be deducted from the total number of emails sent each month.


Additional sent email amount:

We will count the additional sent email amount on the billing date of a monthly subscription. 

Additional Sent email amount = Email Plan amount + Email Credit amount - Email Sent the amount  


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