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How to Activate Chrome Extension on the Amazon Search Page?

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To start conducting your own product research, simply open up an Amazon page and start browsing for items. When you find an item or keywords you are interested in researching, simply click on the BigTracker icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser. From there, you can see which chrome extension feature is available.


Product Research

With the Product Research feature, all the analytics data for the product, “face mask” in this example, will be presented in a pop-up, along with the 15 most frequently used keywords for the item. 


Note: the “Average index” from Chrome analytics displays the average performance based on daily values / rates.

Register and Download the BigTracker Chrome Extension

Keyword Generator

Switching to the Keyword Generator feature, the system will present the top 50 most searched keywords  and the top 3 most clicked products along with the click through rate and conversion rate.

Reverse ASIN

Please input the ASIN directly into the Amazon search bar and click enter. Next, click on the BigTracker icon and the Reserve ASIN feature will be highlighted as available.

Take the ASIN: B082WZ6XN8 in the US marketplace for example.  

The default search setting will display the top 50 search keywords and other highly relevant keywords. 



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