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BigKeywords is powered by a sophisticated algorithm that enables users to examine historical keyword analytics from a collection of Hot & New Keywords, Seasonal Keywords and All-Time Popular Keywords.

Users can also sort the keywords by channels and categories in an effort to discover keywords with great investment potential.



How to start? 

Select channels > Categories > Keyword types (Popular Keywords, Seasonal Keywords and Hot New Keywords )


Popular Keywords: This icon indicates the keyword has been on the top of the search list for 8 months out of the past 1 year, which shows that the search term has been continuously active on the marketplace and has great sales and investment potential.


Seasonal Keywords: This icon indicates that the search term generates most of its search traffic during a specific time of the year, which also showcases the trend of demand in the marketplace.


Hot New Keywords: This icon indicates a keyword that has been added in the past 2 months and that its popularity is on the rise. It indicates good timing and opportunity to tap into the associated marketplace.


Example: Popular Keywords 

Channel / Category: US marketplace / Kitchen & Dining 
The system displays popular keywords that have been on the top of the search list for 8 months in the past 1 year. The system sorts the keywords in accordance with their 30-Day Volume.

Column Introduction: 

Keyword: The popular keywords have been on the top of the search list for 8 months in the past 1 year. 

Category: The most popular category(ies) with the given keyword.

30-Day Volume: How many times the keyword was searched as an exact phrase in the last 30 days.
Average Sales: Average monthly units sold for all ASINs listed on the first page. 

Most Clicked: The percentage of the top 3 ASINs clicked among all products clicked for the keyword search.

Competing Products: The number of unique ASINs found for the keyword search.

Giveaway: The total units sold over one week required for an ASIN to be ranked on the first page. This metric works as a sales volume reference for Amazon’s product launch giveaway promotion, which is intended to get your listing on the first page. This metric doesn't take sponsored products into the equation.


In the example below, the top keywords of the Popular Keywords are “air fryer”, “mini fridge”,  “napkins”, “microwave”, and “blender”.


If users are interested in blenders, the filter can help narrow down the search scope. 

For example, users can add several attributes like “Blender”, “portable”, and “smoothies” to the search bar conditions. The system will sort out the keywords in accordance with the given requirements. 


Report Download

Users can filter to define the keyword search requirements and click download. A pop-up will inform users that the system can only download the first page of results from the search results to the CSV file.

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