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Amazon Notification for Customer Care Email Sent Limit

BQool Support
BQool Support
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Amazon regulates the limit for emails sent to Buyers based on the formula outlined below. 

(Seller Daily average order * 5 ) + 600

The number of emails that BigCentral can send out is (Seller Average order amount * 5 ) + 400. 

The number of emails on the BQool end is limited to 200 less than Amazon’s regulation. 

Users can check on the Campaign Performance from the Report section to see the number of emails BQool sent out on a daily or monthly basis.



After we’ve confirmed the number of emails sent, we can check with the sellers to see whether they have proactively contacted the Buyers on the Buyer-Seller Messaging platform. 

What happens if the number of emails sent out to the Buyers exceeds the Amazon approved daily limit?

If a portion of the pending emails exceeds the daily limit for emails set by BigCentral, the system will delay that portion of pending emails and schedule them to be sent the next day.

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