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Why doe BQool send out multiple emails for the same order on Amazon Seller Buyer Seller Message but only shows 1 email on the BigCentral end?

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Users might get confused when they see multiple emails being sent to the same order but BQool only sends out one email on the BigCentral end. 

Take the order attached below for an example. The Order ID: 205-2354212-0575532 has 3 messages sent to the Buyer end. The content of these 3 emails is all the same.


In contrast, there is only one email on the BQool end.

The main cause of the issue is that Amazon will aggregate messages from all the orders placed by the buyers on one central chat platform.  

Users can use the Order ID to locate the encrypted Amazon Buyer contact email. With the contact email, users can find out if the buyer has different orders. Given this, the system sends out 3 emails (One email per order.)

Locating Amazon Encrypted email:


Using the Amazon encrypted email to sort out other orders:


Lastly, users can check on the number of emails sent to this Buyer to see whether it’s aligned with the number on the BQool end. Users can also check whether the message received date on the Amazon end is aligned with the message sent date on the BQool end. 


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