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How will Amazon's Data Protection Policy (DPP) impact Email Campaign?

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Due to the recently announced Amazon's Data Protection Policy (DPP), Amazon's third party software provider (like BQool) will no longer be allowed access to any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), including but not limited to Buyer Names and shipping addresses. 

The policy will take effect on all marketplaces and impact several features that contain Buyer identifiable information on BigCentral, including the Dashboard, Ticket Manager, Campaign, UGC and Orders sections.

For example, BQool is no longer able to populate buyer information via Email Campaign variables. 

What does Personally Identifiable Information entail?

According to the Amazon Data Protection Policy, the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is any information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a customer or to identify an individual in context.

Changes to the Email Campaign Variable

In accordance with the Amazon DPP policy, the following items are considered as Personally Identifiable Information(PII):

Buyers Name:

  • Buyer full name
  • Buyer first name
  • Buyer last name

Shipping Details:

  • Shipping  Name
  • Shipping address 1
  • Shipping address 2
  • Shipping city
  • Shipping state
  • Shipping zip
  • Shipping country
  • Shipping Date

The following variables will be changed according to the Amazon DPP policy. 

Buyer Name Variable:

  • {{buyer_full_name}} – Populate with “Customer”
  • {{buyer_first_name}} - Populate with “Customer”
  • {{buyer_last_name}} - Populate with “Customer”

Buyer Info Related Variables will remain.

With regard to the Buyer name variables, the variable won’t display the corresponding information from the Order info. The Text “Customer" will be translated in accordance with the marketplace’s local language.


Shipping Variable:

  • {{ship_to_name}} - Blank
  • {{ship_address1}} - Blank
  • {{ship_address2}} - Blank
  • {{ship_city}} - Blank
  • {{ship_state}} - Blank
  • {{ship_zip}} - Blank
  • {{ship_country}} - Blank
  • {{ship_date}} - Blank

Essentially, if templates have shipping related variables, the variable won’t display the corresponding information from the Order info. The information to the Buyers will display as blank in the sent email.

If you are using the above-mentioned variables in your email template, please revise your template accordingly. 


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