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Feedback settings are comprised of three sections: Feedback Email Alert, Feedback Status, and Positive Feedback Integration.


Feedback Email Alert

Users can set alert settings under Settings>Alerts by selecting the agents who are going to be receiving email alerts. Clicking the plus icon to select agent who will receive email notifications.



Feedback Status

BQool automatically sets all new feedback statuses to Open. Feedback marked as open has not been resolved.

To change how BQool classifies new feedback, navigate to BigCentral > Settings > Feedback > General >Feedback Status.




For example, users may keep 1 and 2-star feedback marked as Open, and change 3-star feedback to be marked as Closed. Please remember to Save after all the configurations are done.

Users can also set up the Positive Feedback Integration to receive 4 and 5-star feedback. If users do not go to the settings to assign the status, 4 and 5-star positive feedback statuses will still stay as Open.


Positive Feedback Integration



One of the limitations with the Amazon API was that BQool could only download neutral and negative feedback with the default SP-API authorization. With Positive Feedback Integration, you can grant BQool permission to access positive feedback reports located in your Seller Central account.

The Positive Feedback Integration allows BQool to exclude orders which already have positive feedback and generate a 'Positive Feedback Conversion Report' to track the effectiveness of your email campaign.

This feature is available starting at the $25 subscription of BigCentral.

[Currently, the PFI feature requires Identity authentication in the EU marketplace.]

To activate the Positive Feedback Integration, please follow two sets of instructions: Positive Feedback Integration and Amazon Two-Step Verification Walk through.



Note: Amazon has implemented a new verification step for some seller accounts. If you currently use PFI and have been affected, contact for further instructions.

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