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Email Management

Users can view different kinds of emails by using email categories on the sidebar as illustrated below. Users can choose to see:

  • Pending Email: The system displayed a list of emails which are scheduled to be sent.

  • Undelivered Email: Here users would be able to see a list of emails that were not sent to proper addresses. Users may try manually re-sending the emails one at a time. Please note there is no option for bulk actions to avoid Amazon rejecting bulk emails at once.

    The system will indicate whether the cause of the rejected email is due to Buyer opt out or a buyer’s email provider blocking the BQool email.

  • Blocked Email: Here you are able to View Email, Unblock Email and Delete Email.


  • Sent Email: the system will keep a record of Blocked Emails for the past 30 days and of Sent Email for the past 60 days.

  • Email Filters:

    Users  can quickly find or filter email using the following criteria:


    The new Campaign interface allows users to decide the display sequence of the selected columns.

    Users can drag a column and move it to the ideal position. The column display will change in accordance with the sequence order in the Display section.



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