Campaign Settings


Campaign Settings

Campaign Settings consist of two major functions: Campaigns and Blacklist.


In this section, users can set up the general settings for customer care email campaigns for Feedback and Review.


  1. Please go to BigCRM > Settings > Campaigns to set up the Approved Sender email, check the Amazon Store name, upload a store logo, enter the recipient of designated emails for BigCRM test emails and set the daily test email limit.
  2. Approved Sender Email: Please follow the instructions to set BigCRM as an approved Sender email in Seller Central. This way the customer care email for feedback and review can reach the buyers.
  3. Setup Messaging Email Walkthrough: Please follow the instructions to set Messaging Email in Seller Central. This is how BigCRM receives the buyer opt-out notifications and credits users one email per order when an email fails to reach buyers due to buyer opt-out.
  4. Amazon Store Name: Manage the name of your Amazon storefront.
  5. Upload Store Logo: Upload a picture of your company or storefront logo. This will be shown in your emails.
  6. Send Test Email to: Specify which email address to send test emails.
  7. Test Email Daily Limit: Set a limit on how many test emails you can send daily.



Users can add a buyer to the blacklist if users never want them to receive automatic customer care emails in the future.

Go to BigCRM > Settings > Campaign > Blacklist to manage the list of blacklisted buyers.
You can also click the ‘Add Buyer Email or Order ID button’ to add a buyer to the blacklist.


Removing Buyers from Blacklist

Once users have added buyers to the Blacklist either by adding individually or by bulk, they are still able to remove buyers from the blacklist if they want to. To remove buyers from the blacklist, go to BigCRM > Settings > Blacklist, find the buyer they wish to remove, click on Actions > Remove.

Users can also select multiple buyers in this list by checking the boxes in front of the buys and use the Bulk Actions button to remove by bulk.mceclip3.png

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