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The main settings consist of two functions: Marketplace and Support Email





You can manage Amazon Marketplaces and Support Emails here to seamlessly integrate your customer service messages into BigCentral. Users can integrate customer inquiries by activating the corresponding marketplace.

After the establishment of the initial SP-API connection and the setup of the Customer Service Emails, users must activate the corresponding marketplace of the Ticket Manager. By doing this, the customer inquiries integration is complete.

By default, the Channel interface will display a listing of subscribed marketplaces and marketplaces available for a free trial.

If the marketplace hasn’t set up the SP-API connection, the system will display the orange alert notice: Setup Amazon Connection.



After clicking on the Setup Amazon Connection notice, the system will open the Connect to Amazon Instructions.


Please enter your Store Name and select the Marketplace. Then click Connect to Amazon SP API to access the Seller Central.



Once the SP-API connection is established, the system will display a Pencil icon for editing the marketplace, and the status of the marketplace remains Inactive.


Edit Marketplace

Store Name: The name is set when the initial connection to Amazon is established. It can be edited.

Send Message As: By default, the name is the same as the Amazon store. When sending emails to buyers, the name of the email sender will be Amazon store, which will be encrypted by Amazon.

Message Response Time (SLA): Due to Amazon’s Policy, all customer inquiries should be replied to within 24 hours. It can’t be modified.




Note: If certain marketplaces don’t show up in the Channel section, it signifies that the marketplace is not included with the subscription plan.  When users click on Add New Amazon Marketplace, they will be redirected to the subscription renewal page.





Support Email

This will allow users to send and receive customer support emails in one central location.

The notion behind the Support email is that Amazon Sellers might have their own independent e-commerce website with a customer support email services.

Sellers can add their own Customer support email address on the BigCentral end. With this integration, if Buyers contact the Seller through the Seller’s customer service email, the Ticket Manager can receive the inquiries and generate the corresponding ticket.

This Support email integration requires additional manual setup. Therefore, there won’t be any default setup available after the initial BigCentral SP-API setup.



If users need to add a Support Email, please click on Add Channel> Support Email.



Step one:



Please enter the Customer Service Support Email of the seller’s e-commerce platform and the Store name.

Please select a location. (If Sellers have multiple customer support emails in different countries, the Ticket Manager will identify the origin country of the customer inquiry after the Seller has specified the country for each Support Email. ) 



Message Response Time 

Users can specify the message response time.

The options are None, 24, 48, and 72 hours. The Ticket Manager will display the remaining response time left for each ticket.



Step 2:

Sellers need to add their BigCentral email as the forwarding email address in their customer service email settings.

If the customer support email is Gmail, click on the Gmail icon. The system will outline the instructions to forward Gmail messages to BigCentral.

After the forwarding setup has been completed, please click ‘I have completed the email forwarding setup.



  1. The email forwarding setup has to be done in the third-party email provider’s settings.
  2. The concept is to forward the email received by the third-party email provider to the BigCentral.


Following that, the Ticket Manager will convert the email into a ticket in BigCentral.




After adding the Support email, the pre-set status is Active. Once a customer sends an email to the Customer Service email, the Ticket Manager will generate the corresponding ticket.

The Setup Email forwarding alert will continue to show until the first customer service email is received by the Ticket Manager. Only then will the Setup Email Forwarding alert be replaced with a pencil editing icon.



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