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Before the BigCentral update, users can use the Manage User function to create unlimited user accounts equipped with different tiers of permission level. After the BigCentral update, different tiers of the subscription will have different numbers of user accounts available.  

BigCentral plans have different subscription structures than the previous plans. All the add-on marketplaces will be counted toward the same subscription. Each add-on marketplace will cost $10 more.  


The number of users accounts available depends on the subscription tiers, outlined below:  

  1. For the monthly $50 subscription, the maximum number of user accounts is 5.   
  2. For the monthly $51 to $99 subscription, the maximum number of users accounts is 5.   
  3. For the monthly $100 to $199 subscription, the maximum number of user accounts is 10.    
  4. For the monthly $200 to $299 subscription, the maximum number of user accounts is 15.  
  5. For the monthly $300 or above subscription, the maximum number of user accounts is 20. 


 On the condition that users purchase BigCentral or sign up with a BigCentral free trial directly, the system will notify users with an alert if their number of user accounts has exceeded the plan limit. The system will not allow overage user accounts to be created.   

Please refer to the solution outlined below: 

  1. Upgrade to a higher tier plan.  
  2. Remove some of the existing user accounts.  



The BigCentral Update Impact on Users Transitioned from Feedback Central 

Providing that a subscription already has the overage amount of user accounts created prior to the BigCentral upgrade, the system has two solutions during the BigCentral transition process.  


The system will filter out the user accounts based on the permission level. The system will reserve the user accounts with a high permission level (i.e Admin is higher than Share Admin.) 

If the permission is on the same tier, the system will proceed to check on the Created Date of each account and reserve the one created earlier than the other.  


Please refer to the image below of the Create Date sorting process. There are three BQool accounts created for the BigCentral account. One is an admin and the others are user accounts.  


If a subscription plan only allows 2 BQool users, the system will, in the first instance, reserve the highest permission account. The admin will keep its account status as active.  
The rest of the accounts with the permission level: Premission01 will be filtered again in accordance with their Create Date. The one with a newer creation date (2016/10/12) will be suspended.   


Only by deleting the other account or upgrading the current subscription plan can the system create more user accounts.  


If the previous plan has exceeded the total number of users allowed, the system will suspend the overage users when users complete the BigCentral payment process. 


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