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The Interface Introduction after Opening a Ticket

BQool Support
BQool Support
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Ticket Subject  


  • When receiving a message from customers, the Ticket subject will be the same as the customer's email subject.

  • When agents create a new ticket via 'Add ticket from orders, ' the default ticket subject will be Your recent Amazon order {{order_id}}  

  • When agents create a new ticket via the Support Email under the 'Add ticket manually' header, the default subject will be blank.  

  • The subject title can be changed at any time after the ticket creation. 



Ticket Type:  

  • The system will display the ticket type. Tickets created by agents are assigned as Contact Buyer. The rest of the tickets type will be determined based on what Buyers choose when contacting sellers. If the tickets are created from the Support Email, the subject of the email will be Other Query.  

  • The system doesn’t allow users to change the ticket type of the new ticket when the ticket type is Negative Feedback / Negative Review / System Message / or Cancelation. 

When the type of ticket is Closed, the ticket type can’t be changed.  
The rest of the tickets type(i.e. Contact Buyer) can be changed to another ticket type.  mceclip3.png


  • The View that the ticket is currently assigned to is displayed on the ticket header line. Users can click open the dropdown menu to modify (the dropdown menu will only showcase a list of Views that that agent has permission to access.) 

  • A ticket can be assigned to multiple Views.  

  • If the status of the ticket is closed, then the view of the ticket can’t be changed.  mceclip4.png


Assign Tickets to Agents  

  • The assigned agents will be shown on the Ticket header line.  
    A ticket can be assigned to multiple agents. However, only more agents can be assigned to one ticket. The existing agent can’t be removed. The Ticket Manager will only showcase the list of agents who have permission to access Ticket Manager.  
  • If the status of a ticket is closed, then the assigned agents can’t be changed.  mceclip5.png

Ticket Status   

  • The ticket manager showcases the current ticket status, which can be modified at any given time.  
    If the status of a ticket is changed to Unread, then it will be redirected to the Ticket Manager main page and stay as New.  
  • The Ticket Manager will keep a record of any status change and the agent who is responsible for the status change. The system also showcases whether the status change is done within the SLA. mceclip6.pngmceclip7.png


Reply Ticket  

The ticket with the following ticket type or status cannot be replied.  
If ticket type is System Message or System: Q&A, then the system won’t display the Reply function in the upper right corner.   
If the ticket status is closed then the system won’t display the Reply function in the upper right corner.  



Order History  

  • The system will display the order history in the past 365 days.  
    After an initial SP-API connection with BigCentral, the system will import the order information in the past 60 days. If the customer claims that some orders are missing, the order date could be older than the past 60 days. 
  • The system will display the order amount, discount amount (if applicable) and Refund amount (if applicable) 
  • The system will present whether this order has received Feedback and the degree of the Feedback.  
  • Tickets related to this order will be displayed. (If buyers open up multiple tickets for the same order on the Amazon end to contact buyers, then there will be multiple tickets created on the Ticket Manager end.) 



Campaigns History 

  • The Feedback/Review request email history based on the order information for the past 365 days will be displayed. The emails with Pending or Sent status will be aggregated and presented all together.   

  • Click on Order ID. The system will display a pop out of the interface of order details.  
  • Click on the Subject. The content of the email will be displayed. 


Feedback History  

  • The Feedback History in the past 365 days of this buyer will be displayed. Click on the ticket status on the right, users will be redirected to the corresponding ticket information.  



Activity History  

  • Manually Operated by agents.  

The Activity History will display the historical changes done to one ticket whether that is who changes the ticket status, what changes have been done to this ticket, and all the historical changes from new to old from top to the bottom.  


The Ticket Manager will keep track of the operation record done to one ticket as outlined in variables below.


Note: only tickets with Closed Status can have the option to “Add follow-up ticket.” Only “Add follow-up ticket records will be stored by the system.  


 All the system changes outlined below will be put on record for future reference.  


  • System Operation  

1. This action requires Auto-reply Setup 


2. Receive Neutral or Negative Feedback/ Review Notification  


The system changes ticket status, assign a ticket to an agent or distribute tickets to a certain view in accordance with the given Rule

Customer care email will be put on record even if they are pending or sent.  

The opt out message from Amazon 





Order Details  

After opening each ticket, the corresponding order ID and details can be found on the right sidebar of the interface.



  • Scenario: no match for the Order details 





  • The ticket was created through Support Email  

After Ticket Manager received the message/ email, the system can’t match the corresponding Order ID based on the buyer’s email addres




  • Click Attach Order, the ticket interface will be redirected to Order Searching interface, where users can input the Order ID and attempt to Attach the order.   

  • If the system can’t find the inputted Order ID from BQool order database, then the system will call Amazon’s real-time API to request an Order report from Amazon. After a couple of hours, the new order report will arrive. 


  • The System matched the Order ID with the corresponding ticket.  
    BigCentral automatically matches customer email and most recent order id.

If the system matched the wrong order, users can click on Detach Order. Next, the system will display the Order Detach confirmation inquiry. Please click Yes and the interface will be redirected to a new page where the information under the Order details is blank. 

f the Order Details is correct, the following fields will be presented in the Order information.


  1. Order ID.  
  2. Fulfillment type: FBA or FBM  
  3. Marketplace 
  4. Order Status: Pending/ Shipped/ Rend...etc.  
  5. Order Placed:  
  6. Payment Accepted: 
  7. Order Shipped:  
  8. Deliver by:
  9. Product Name / Order Amount / SKU Name 
  10. Promotion discount 
  11. Refund amount 
  12. Feedback: The system will display the rating which this order receives.  
  13. Customer Details: Including names, encrypted Amazon email /Billing Country / Shipping address (The address can be modified. After the address modification, the system will display the previous and updated address.)  
  14. If the customer has been added to Global Blacklist or Local Blacklist, the Global Blacklist and Local Black List icon will be shown next to the Customer’s name.  


If the order has been shipped, the Order Details will display the following order information outlined below.  mceclip8.png

If the order remains in a Pending state, the order status will show Pending. Also, the information for Payment accepted and Order Shipped fields won’t be available.  mceclip9.png

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