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Display Column Definition of Ticket Manager

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All the available Columns are displayed below. Users can pick and choose which columns to be presented on the Ticket Managers. All the columns can be re-arranged in different sequences.  



Three common Icons will be introduced to give more information on the current state of the ticket.   

  • NEW / READ / Blank 

NEW: Never read  

READ: read by agents within 1 hour 

Blank: read by agents for more than one hour.   

  • Channel  

To indicate whichever marketplaces or support emails this ticket is coming from.  
The mail icon represents the support email. Moving the cursor over it will show the email address.  

  • Ticket Status  

Open = O  

Pending = P  

On-hold = H  

Solved = S  

Closed = C  

Deleted = D  

Spam = X  


  • Time Left  

Only for the Messages coming from Amazon.  
Message Response Time is defined in Settings>Tickets>Channels>Edit 

  1. In accordance with Amazon Policy, the inquiries and messages from Buyers need to be responded to within 24 hours. Time Left starts counting down when the Ticket Manager receives a new message from Amazon customer. If the message is coming through Support email, then Time Left is determined by the Setting in Support Email. The Time Left setting for Support Email is ranging from 24, 48, and 72 hours. 
  2. The Time Left countdown will disappear only when Agent replies to the message, Auto-Reply responds to the message or agent changes ticket status to Solved, Deleted or Spam. 

  3. Overdue indicates the late response has surpassed the preset limited time.  

The following ticket types won’t display the No Time Left indicator 
Contact Buyer / Negative Feedback / Negative Review / System Message / System Message Q&A 

  • Bulk Action: Apply certain actions to multiple Tickets at once.  

Reply: Reply to Customer Inquiries in Bulk  
The bulk action won’t be allowed to reply in several scenarios outlined below.  

  1. Customer email found in the Blacklist of the corresponding marketplace.  
  2. Ticket status is Closed or Archived 
  3. Ticket type is System Message or System: Q&A.  

Assign Agents: Allow to assign multiple tickets to different agents.   

The bulk action won’t be allowed to reply when the ticket status is Closed or Archived.  

When bulk assigning the tickets to new agents, the bulk action can only add on new agents but not remove the previously assigned agents.  

Assign Views: Assign multiple tickets to different Views. The bulk action won’t be allowed to reply when the ticket status is Closed or Archived.  

Set Ticket Type: Agents can change multiple tickets to a new ticket typeThe bulk action won’t be allowed to set the ticket type in several scenarios outlined below. 
1. Ticket status is Closed 
2. Ticket type is Negative Feedback, Negative Review, Cancellation, System: Q&A, Closed or Archived.  

Add Internal Note: Agents can send an internal message for multiple tickets. The bulk action won’t be allowed to reply when the ticket status is Closed or Archived.  

Send External Message: Agents can send an external message for multiple tickets. The bulk action won’t be enabled when the ticket status is Closed or Archived.  

Mark as Unread: Agents can mark multiple tickets as unread. The bulk action won’t be allowed to mark as Unread is when the ticket status is closed.  

Mark as Open: No limit 

Mark as Pending: No limit 

Mark as On-hold: No limit 

Mark as Solved: No limit 

Mark as Deleted: No limit 

Mark as Spam: No limit 

  • Ticket Age: The indicator shows how old the ticket is from the time is created. The time will be displayed in minute/ hour/ day / week /month/ year sequence.  


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