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BQool Support
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Agents can create new tickets in two ways outlined below.  

  • Add tickets based on orders from a Certain marketplace. Note: the marketplace must be Active in the Channel section.  
  • Add ticket via Support Email to respond to whomever users need to contact.  

No matter which marketplace or support email that agents choose to add tickets to, they need to have the corresponding permission to those marketplaces and Support emails. 

Only then will the system will display a list of marketplaces or Support Email for agents to choose from.   


Via Marketplace 

After clicking on the desired marketplace, users will be redirected to the Order manager. From there, users can sort out the orders, selecting the buyers they want to contact. Following that, users can click on the Mail icon to create a new ticket.  



Via Support Email 
Input the Contact email address and click on Add New Ticket. The templates can be used in the Support email function as well. 


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