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Templates can be accessed by going to Ticket>Template (sidebar)> Sample Template



The sample provides the Sample Template, which can’t be modified but can be copied to Your Template. Alternatively, it can be restored to My Favorites.  
The templates in the Your Templates section can be modified, copy or delete as well as Set as My Favorite. Users can create their own Templates by clicking on the “Add Template” Title in the upper corner as seen in the image illustrated below.  


The template saved in My Favorite section can only be viewed and removed, they can’t be modified. My favorite filter section can save up to 10 templates in the My favorite section.   


  • Add Template 

  1. Create a Template Name  
  2. Fill in the Description 
  3. Select which channels have access to this Template.   
  4. Category file: Templates can be stored in a certain category to help organize and keep track of existing templates.  
  5. Status: The current status of the Template. The preset option is Active. Only Active Templates can be used to reply to customers on a ticket.  


  • Create Email subject and Email Message 

The email subject can only apply to new tickets created by agents. Please note that the variable is only functional in the content, but the email subject. If a user inputs a viable in the email subject, the variable won’t display the corresponding information from the Order info. Instead, the email subject will only display as the variable in the sent ticket.




  • Google Translator is available to translate the content of the language.  

The preset option is English, but users can also add other languages in accordance with the marketplace’s local language. 


For example, after adding Japanese as the language choice, users can proceed to create the content in their own language (e.g. English ) and click on Select Language. 


In this example, the content will be translated into Japanese. After clicking on confirm Translation, the content and the subject title will be switched from English to Japanese.  


When to use your own Template?  

After the Template is created, the template can be used when replying to a Buyer’s ticket. When opening up a ticket, users can choose a quick reply with the template from their Favorites or a Template. 


Template Options will include the templates from Sample Templates and Your Templates. The Advanced Search function can be used to locate a specific template. If the template has been translated into another language, users can click on the Select language option on the bottom right and choose a more appropriate language.  


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