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The notion behind the Creation of Ticket Manager  

The legacy Feedback management product: Feedback Central can only send out customer care email based on orders from standard email templates, VAT invoices, and one-time Feedback Email templates.  

From Amazon Sellers’ perspective, these actions are the way that Sellers proactively contact buyers for feedback or review. However, as we know, quite frequently, buyers will contact Sellers for the issues regarding order fulfillment.   

All the back and forth messages will be presented in Amazon’s Buyer Seller messaging platform. Sellers are required to answer those order enquiries by logging back into Seller Central.  

With Ticket Manager, Amazon sellers check and reply to customer's inquiries without logging back into Seller Central.  

Ticket Manager View 

All the emails and messages will be considered Tickets in Ticket Manager.  

Getting Started  

Step 1: Setup Customer Service Email 

  1. Copy the BigCentral email 
  2. Sign into Seller Central > Account Info > Your Seller Profile > Customer service details 
  3. Paste the BigCentral email into the Customer Service Email & Customer Service Reply-to Email field 


Step 2: Set Channels to active 

After setting up the Customer Service Email & Customer Service Reply-to Email, please navigate to Settings--> Tickets--> Channels as illustrated below.  

For the marketplaces planning to utilize the Ticket Managers functionality, please turn on the marketplace and put it on Active mode. The Channel section here will present all the marketplaces within the current subscription plan, including Active(Cancel) and Active.  

After activating the marketplaces, please wait for 30 to 60 minutes to check on the corresponding Ticket Manager. 

If Buyers have contacted the sellers during this waiting period, the message/ email will be shown in the Ticket Manager. In other words, the system will only display the new inquires which are received after the Ticket Manager has been setup. 



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