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To improve the email open rate, BQool is introducing the AI-Powered Schedule feature, which helps to determine the best time and date to send the customer care emails. With the help of machine learning and big data analysis, our revolutionary AI-driven technology can predict the optimal schedule for each email.


When the AI-Powered Smart Schedule feature is toggled on, BQool will automatically match email send dates according to email subjects for both AI-driven subject and standard subject email.

The difference between the AI-Powered Smart Schedule and a standard schedule is that our machine learning technology constantly assesses and analyzes usage effectiveness of the email sending schedule based on the data analysis of more than 10 thousand users results from the BQool community.

The system continuously assesses the effectiveness of the email sending result and finds the optimal time of the email delivery schedule providing the fact that the algorithm factors in the fulfillment type, marketplace product categories, and other aspects into the email schedule configuration.

Please note the AI-Powered Smart Schedule feature is only available starting at the $50  monthly subscription. The system will notify the users proactively when a plan upgrade is needed to access the AI-Powered Smart Schedule feature.

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