BQool /InventoryLab Collaboration


BQool is proud to introduce its latest cost integration feature from the ongoing partnership with InventoryLab.

The InventoryLab integration feature allows users to synchronize the Cost per Unit from their InventoryLab account every 12 hours. The feature will be available for all Repricing plans, which start at $25/month (or $270/year). More importantly, the feature will also be applicable to any plans commencing prior to April, 17th, 2017 that have not yet been updated to any of the current Repricing plans.

Enabling the InventoryLab Integration feature via BQool

Users must go to the ”General Settings” page and then click on the “How to integrate” button and follow the instructions provided.

Users can click on the "How to integrate?" for detailed instruction. 


Users must enable the integration setting in both their BQool and InventoryLab accounts. If the user only turns the feature on from the BQool side but doesn’t turn it on at the InventoryLab side, BQool will not be able to retrieve any cost data from InventoryLab.


InventoryLab Integration Settings

Users can find it by going to Settings (under their name in the top right corner) and then clicking on ‘Integration Settings’ on the left menu. Next, users must proceed to toggle on the integration feature with BQool.

BQool updates the user's listing cost by SKU name, not by the ASIN. Once the integration is enabled, the system will continuously update the cost data from InventoryLab.

Since InventoryLab updates their cost data from Amazon’s Fulfillment Center, it is possible that the cost data will contain discrepancies between the BQool end and InventoryLab end. The cause of the issue lies in the time that it takes for updated data to be reported by the Amazon Fulfillment Center, retrieved by Inventory Lab, and displayed on the BQool interface. Users can rest assured that the data discrepancy will be resolved automatically within 12 -24 hours.

Bulk Action Feature: Reload Cost from InventoryLab.

This is the fastest way to update the cost data from InventoryLab by selecting certain listings (up to 200 listings) and clicking on the feature. The system will proceed to import real-time cost data to the BQool end. Please note that the Bulk action feature is only functional when the InventoryLab integration feature on the General Settings page is enabled.


Cost/Unit Type Preference

Users can select from Current Cost, Average Cost, Highest Cost as the Cost/Unit that they would like BQool to apply:

Please note that if the users change the Cost/Unit type on the BQool end after the initial synchronization with InventoryLab, it will trigger a system restart for the synchronization process with InventoryLab after a 12-hour waiting period. During the 12-hour waiting period, the system will continue to display a “Wait to Synchronize” notice until the next synchronization process is initiated. That being said, users still can use the ‘Bulk Action: Reload Cost from InventoryLab’ feature to get real-time data from InventoryLab as long as the Integration feature is enabled at both ends.

If a user makes further changes to the Cost/Unit type before the 12-hour waiting period is over, then the system will restart the 12-hour period.

After the 12-hour waiting period has finished and the Cost/Type Unit has been successfully updated, the system will indicate that the new synchronization process with InventoryLab is complete by displaying a “Status Success” notice.

Bulk upload: Closed Batch report has been added.

We have brought back the previous InventoryLab: Bulk Upload feature. The users can also upload their Cost Data by uploading Closed Batch Report from InventoryLab on the BQool end. For more detailed instruction, please visiting Cost Data Upload.

Internet Browser Preference

We recommend that users use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when using the InventoryLab integration or the Bulk action feature for optimum performance.

Amazon Marketplace 

The InventoryLab integration feature is only available in the US marketplace.  




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