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What is the difference between Amazon Automate Pricing and BQool Repricing?

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There is numerous repricing software available on the market for Amazon sellers. During the spring of 2016, Amazon made headlines by introducing their own repricing software called Automate Pricing, which is available to sellers on the professional selling plan. Since then, there have been many complaints from sellers that Amazon’s Automate Pricing falls short of expectations. This article highlights the main advantages BQool Repricing has over Amazon Automate Repricing.

BQool Repricing and Amazon Automate Pricing both follow rule-based repricing, and allow the exclusion of competitors by the number of feedback ratings. Repricing Central plans above $25 per month reprice every 15 minutes and plans above $100 per month reprice as fast as every 5 minutes, while Automate Pricing reprice every 15 minutes to one hour depending on the rule.

On the other hand, there are several differences between BQool Repricing and Amazon Automate Pricing. Here is a comparison:


BQool Repricing

Amazon Automate Pricing

When your competitor is using Amazon Automate Pricing on the same ASIN Reprice according to your rule and Price Change Safety Net lowers price incrementally to prevent large price drop Competitors using Automate Pricing on the same listing immediately drop down to the Min Price set by all sellers
Compete by fulfillment type Users can choose to exclusively compete against certain fulfillment method offers or target multiple fulfillment method offers within the same rule There are 2 ways to compete:
①by ASIN and condition, which means sellers must compete with all fulfillment types
②target only the same fulfillment method offers and/or only offers from 3rd party sellers, which puts FBM sellers at a disadvantage as they are only able to compete against other FBM sellers if they choose this option
Mandatory to set min / max prices Yes, to protect sellers’ profit margin Yes, and some sellers are concerned that this gives Amazon more information about their baseline
Compete against specific competitors or exclude specific competitor Yes, simply enter their seller ID No
Listings data Shows Buy Box win %, the Buy Box winner’s fulfillment type, your rank on the listing, sales rank, the Buy Box Price, Lowest Price, and even profit margin and ROI if you enter cost and fees. Plus these can all be sorted. No
Repricing while in Buy Box Yes, allows you to follow specific rules for while you’re in the Buy Box No, all repricing rules are ignored when you’re in the Buy Box
Compete by Product Condition Yes, and also sub-condition Yes, inclusive of sub-condition
Bulk Setup Yes No
Competitor analysis Yes, BQool provides a list of competitors for each ASIN with repricing rule enabled. The list shows top 20 competitors for the selected ASIN, their prices, the fulfillment type, merchant status, ratings, shipping origin, back-ordered, and Buy Box winner. Users can also edit competitor name No
Dashboard / Reports Yes, provides quick stats and detailed reports on repricing listings and competition. BQool Dashboard is also customizable No
Price Calculator Yes, built-in price calculator to help sellers determine min and max profit margins No
When there’s no competition BQool lets you set a rule for when there’s no competition, you can go to your max price to increase profit margin Automate Pricing does not make changes to the price
Exclude back-ordered sellers Yes. No.
Price History Yes, an aggregated history of the changes in the past 5 days Yes, the price changes for the past 30 days by ASIN
Fast setup and automation Yes, can assign default settings for Min Price, Max Price, and rule. There’s also the option to raise price when out of stock and to set a daily repricing schedule No.


Pricing strategy is an important part of running a business. How a user sets up their repricing rules to change prices also has a great impact on sales, sales volume, and competitiveness. Sellers should carefully consider all available features when choosing a suitable repricer for their business. Though Amazon’s repricer is free of charge to all professional seller accounts, BQool's affordable Repricer is packed with helpful features and data that give you a distinct advantage over competitors. 


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