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SellerAmp Integration

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SellerAmp Integration is available in 7 marketplaces: US, CA, UK, DE, ES, FR, and IT. If you have multiple marketplaces, you only need to turn on the integration in one of the marketplaces. 

Turn on SellerAmp SAS Integration in BQool

1. Go to Listings > Active Listings > Settings > General.

2. Turn on SellerAmp SAS Integration and save the changes.

3. Copy the BQool Token and paste into SellerAmp.

✽ If you fail to access the SellerAmp’s BQool Connection Panel, please click the link.

You can click on the "How to Integrate" button for detailed instructions.

Export Cost from SellerAmp to BQool

Search the ASIN in SellerAmp. 

➤ If the ASIN hasn't been in BQool yet, you can export the new listing to BQool.

The newly exported listings will appear in the "SellerAmp Listings" section with a "Pending" status. In this section, you can edit the cost, Min Price, Max Price, Rule, and Repricing Status.

After the listings have been launched in Seller Central and included in Amazon's Active Listings Report, the listings will be transferred into the "Active Listings" section. The information entered will be transferred as well.

For example, if you have entered the cost, Min Price, Max Price, Rule, and set the Repricing Status to Enabled, the listing will be automatically enabled repricing once it is transferred to the Active Listings section.

➤ If the ASIN has been in BQool, you can update its information. The updated information will be synced to BQool shortly. 

Open SellerAmp SAS in BQool

After connecting to SellerAmp, you can click SellerAmp icon to open SAS Chrome extension.

☛ For further information, you can check here

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