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Why emails sent from BigCentral are not showing in Amazon Message Center?

BQool Customer Support Team
BQool Customer Support Team
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1. Please check whether there are sending records in Sent Emails. (If there is no record, it’s certainly no data showing in Amazon.)

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2. After making sure there are sending records in BigCentral, please check whether emails not showing in Amazon Message Center are sent through Amazon Default Campaign.

  • If YES, this is the reason. No matter you click “Request a Review“ button in Amazon or set up Amazon Default Campaign in BigCentral to automate review requests, emails sent through these ways will not showing in Amazon Message Center.



  • If NO, and emails are sent through custom campaign, please check whether you have added BigCentral Email in Messaging Permissions. If you do not complete this setting, then Amazon won’t send emails from BQool to buyers.


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