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Manage Listings Preferences

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BQool Support
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Go to Manage Listings, you can find the Preference under the Settings Button to help you manage the listing items or how you want to view the listing columns.




  • Number of results per page: Determines how many listings you can see per page. You can select from 20, 50, 100, or 200 listings per page.
  • Sort by: Determines the sorting order according to your selection: High to Low, A to Z, and New to Old or vice versa.
  • Save All Column Location: You can make the Save All/Action column to display from the left, middle, or right.
  • Column Displays: You can check or unchecked the columns to hide or display them 
    • Recommended: There are 15 columns that are displayed as default
    • Optional: Group, Unit Sold (last 7 days), Est. Profit Margin, and ROI
  • Quick Start: You can turn off the quick start guide.


You can decide to turn Show or Hide for the column information. All information is defaulted to show.

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