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How to set EFN?

BQool Customer Support Team
BQool Customer Support Team
  • Updated
  • EFN is only available for FBA Products in Europe marketplaces: UK, DE, ES, FR, IT

  • What is EFN (European Fulfillment fees)?
    EFN stands for European Fulfilment Network. It allows FBA sellers to store their inventory in local fulfillment centers and fulfil orders across the border, maximizing inventory control and flexibility.


How to mark listings as EFN?


A: Actions

B: Bulk Action

C: General Setting


After the listing is marked as EFN, the EFN icon will be displayed.


For listings that marked as EFN,  Fulfillment Fee (EFN) will be displayed in Profit Calculator. In each marketplace, FBA Fulfillment Fee will be different. 


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