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Custom Settings will take precedence over Repricing Settings and Advanced Settings.



Compete with Seller Fulfilled Prime Option

As more sellers become eligible for the Seller Fulfilled Prime program, allowing them to deliver Prime products directly from their warehouse, Repricing Central now includes considerations for defining a seller's own SFP offer or the competitor's SFP offer within the 'Competitors' section of the repricing rules. In both scenarios, you have the option to set the SFP offer as either FBA or FBM.


The SFP options will affect how the system responds to different sets of advanced settings.

For example, when you set your SFP listings as FBA and the competitors' SFP as FBA, the system will apply the corresponding FBA vs. FBA settings from the Advanced Settings.

When you set your SFP listings as FBM and the competitors' SFP as FBA, the system will apply the corresponding FBM vs. FBA settings from the Advanced Settings. 


Exclude Competing with your Own Account and Cut-throat Competition 

A friendly reminder, there are two scenarios where the “Exclude Seller ID” feature can come in handy within Custom Setting.  

With the intense price war, there will always be some sellers who intentionally drive prices way too low, disrupting the entire market. Additionally, some Amazon sellers operate multiple accounts and aim to avoid competing with themselves to prevent profit loss. For example, a BQool user with up to 36 accounts on Amazon may need to exclude the other 35 accounts to mitigate profit loss.

In those two scenarios, the Custom Setting can help to "Exclude" or "Compete only" with certain Amazon sellers. Scroll down to the last section of each Repricing Rule, where you can find the Custom Setting. 

☛ To add a seller to the list, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Select either "Exclude" or "Include Only" from the drop-down menu, then click Add Seller ID. 

  2. Enter a seller ID. 
  3. To obtain a seller ID, go to the seller's Amazon profile page shown in the picture below. In your browser's URL bar, at the end of the URL after seller= is the seller ID. 

  4. Click "Add" when you're done.

Delivery and Item Conditions

You can exclude or compete only with certain Delivery practices.

  • Exclude/Include only Sellers with free shipping
  • Exclude/Include only Sellers with expedited shipping

  • Exclude Back-ordered: You will not compete with sellers with availability indicating a future date
  • Exclude handling time: There are options ranging from 2 days to 3 weeks

  • Set the item condition you would like to compete against:

    • If you select Same or Same-or-better, the system will automatically compete with the corrresponding Sub-condition(s) for you. 
      For example, if you are Very Good, you will only compete with Like New and Very Good. You will not compete with Good and Acceptable.

    • If you select Used or Collectible, you will need to select the sub-condition(s) you want to compete with. 

Exclude Sellers with Certain Seller Metrics 

  • You can exclude Sellers with Positive Feedback Rating lower than a certain percentage. 
  • You can exclude Sellers with Positive Feedback count lower than a certain amount. 

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