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Competitor Analysis

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The Competitor Analysis provides you more seller metrics and pricing information for your listings at a glance.

To view this information, first, navigate to the “Manage Listings” menu tab and select the listing of interest. Hover the mouse over “Actions”, followed by clicking on “Competitor Analysis.” The Competitor Analysis window will appear with all the sellers and pricing info under the given ASIN. 

  • Position: Up to Top 20 sellers listed.
  • Buy Box: Indicates the seller currently winning the Buy Box.
  • Seller Type: Indicates the type for this listing, such as FBA, FBM, NF (Non-Featured), and SFP.
  • Handling Time: Indicates the seller handling time for shipping.
  • Expedited Shipping: This indicates the sellers have this shipping option available which makes the shipping process earlier and quicker.
  • Back Order: An indicator for a product that is not currently available.
  • Non-Amazon Competitive Price / Suggested Lower Price Information
    Repricing Central also includes the Non-Amazon Competitive Price (CompetitivePriceThreshold) and Suggested Lower Price (SuggestedLowerPricePlusShipping) within the “Competitor Analysis”.
    Please note that these notifications are provided by Amazon and will appear if provided (optional).
    • Non-Amazon Competitive Price
      Non-Amazon Competitive Price is based on competitive prices from other retailers (excluding other Amazon sellers). Therefore, if the total price (seller price + shipping price) is above the competitive price, they may be ineligible for the Buy Box.
    • The Suggested Lower Price
      The Suggested Lower Price is the lower price suggested by Amazon and is based on a range of factors, including historical selling prices and recent Buy Box eligible prices.


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