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Price History

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  1. There are two access points available for Price History.

User can check the Price History under the “Actions” drop-down menu, or click the “Price History” tab.

  • Under the “Actions” drop-down menu for individual listings.



User can change the time frame for the Price History from 24 hours up to 5 days. Only the price adjustment for the listing will be displayed.



  • Under the “Price History” Tab for all price adjustments, the new Price History will allow User to search by ASIN or SKU as well as use time selection from 24 hours up to 5 days.


General Search – Search by ASIN or Seller SKU and/or with date range drop-down menu




Advanced Search – Input the date range (it is available for the last 11 days), ASIN, Repricing Rule, Seller ID, and Seller Type to search the Price History.




User can search their listing details (marked in red) including the date, ASIN , SKU, Min Price/ Max Price, and Repricing Rule for individual listings to understand the overall Price History here.

On the other hand, the targeted competitor figures (marked in blue) including their Seller ID, Seller type, Condition, and Seller type can be found as in the below illustration as well.

The User's price has been adjusted based on rule settings and the price-changing activity of the competitors and is displayed in time order.




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