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Min and Max Price Pop-up Warning Message

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BQool Support
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When modifying your Min or Max Price, a pop-up warning message will be triggered in two scenarios.

1. Your Min Price is higher than your current price. (Min Price > Your Price)



2. Your Max Price is lower than your current Price. (Max Price < Your Price)


The pop-up message is primarily designed to notify you that we will adjust Your Price to ensure it stays within the specified Min and Max range.

You can click on "Yes" to confirm the adjustment or "No" to enter a new Min / Max.   


To permanently disable this pop-up message, you can select the option "Use Yes as default and do not show this message again". Once this option is checked, the "No" selection will no longer be available.


Once the disable option is selected and confirmed, you won't be able to re-enable the pop-up warning message for the mentioned scenarios. In the future, when you adjust the Min or Max Price, the new prices will be applied immediately. However, you will still need to re-enable repricing if your current price was changed due to Min or Max adjustment.

To enable repricing on multiple listings simultaneously, you can use Bulk Action.


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