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2021-2 BigCentral v1.3.14, v1.3.15, v1.3.16

BQool Support 2
BQool Support 2
  • Updated

The latest update for BQool’s BigCentral includes multiple updates. For more detailed information, feel free to contact BQool support.

  • Basic Plan
  • Other Minor Updates
  1. Basic Plan Tiers

BQool is introducing three new BigCentral basic pricing plans to allow users to try these great features. The three new basic pricing plans are:



This incredible offer is limited to only one basic plan purchase. Users who enjoy using the basic pricing plans may upgrade to the comprehensive BigCentral Bundle.


Please note that this offer is only available to new users or previous BQool users.

For more info on pricing and feature availability, click here.

  1. Other Minor Updates

  • Account Health has now been removed from the Dashboard
  • Review Manager will display the following information when changed by the buyer:
    • Ratings
    • Review Title
    • Review Content
  • Post a Comment function within Review Manager has now been removed


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