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2021-03 Repricing Central v4.0_AI Repricing

BQool Support 2
BQool Support 2
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The latest update for BQool’s Repricing Central has now been released and includes an exciting and unique new feature, an AI-Powered Repricer, as well as and other minor feature updates. For more detailed information, feel free to contact BQool support.

  • AI-Powered Repricer
  • Get Buy Box – Add Your Price
  • Other minor updates
  1. AI-Powered Repricing

With the burning desire to support sellers in dominating the Buy Box and maximize profits, BQool has reinvented Amazon repricing with their all-new exclusive AI-Powered Repricing. This complex AI repricing algorithm was heavily researched and developed to reflect various relationships between key data points that affect Buy Box wins/price. The result is a more Aggressive and Flexible repricer that can:


  • AI Buy Box Winner I – Intense Competition
    Reprice aggressively. Recommended fulfillment type: FBM
  • AI Buy Box Winner II – Moderate Competition
    Reprice moderately. Recommended fulfillment type: FBA, FBM
  • AI Buy Box Winner III – Low Competition
    Reprice incrementally. Recommended fulfillment type: FB

And with all these performance enhancements, setup and deployment is even easier than before. No more detailed and customized rules, just a few settings and the AI will handle the rest.

MicrosoftTeams-image (44)

(AI Strategy Selection)

Below is a quick comparison between AI-Powered Repricer and Rule-Based Repricing strategies.mceclip0.png

The AI-Powered Repricer is available on selected pricing plans. To learn more about it, click here or feel free to contact support.

  1. Get Buy Box – Add “Your Price” settings

Within the Rule-Based Repricing rules, the “Get Buy Box” setting defines how BQool reprices when a seller is not in the Buy Box. Sellers may now compete with the lowest price or the Buy Box price with the newly added “Your Price” selection.

Where applicable you may now add the following selection:

“Your Price [+/-] ___ [$/%]”


(Example: Competition found between Min & Max)


“Customize Your Price: Your Price [+/-] ___ [$/%]”


(Example: Competition found between Min & Max)


For more details, please check our support articles or feel free to contact support.

  1. Other Minor Updates
  • The latest version of Repricing Central includes a few cosmetic (UI) changes.
  • Repricing Central now includes Japan Points within the calculation.
  • In the Listings screen and within Bulk Actions, the FBM Shipping Cost is now optional and will be calculated as zero if left blank.

The AI-Powered Repricer is available on selected pricing plans. To learn more about it, click here or feel free to contact support at or check out our blog post about the latest BQool product updates.

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