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2020-10 BigCentral v1.3.6

BQool Support 2
BQool Support 2
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The latest update for BQool’s BigCentral will be released on Oct 26th and includes several general enhancements. For more detailed information, feel free to contact BQool support.

Product Enhancements:

  • Profit Dashboard “Most Reimbursed” Added
  • Profit Dashboard “Was” rules (Period Comparison) Update
  • Other Minor Updates
    • Profit Dashboard Default Time Period
    • Negative Numbers Format

1. Profit Dashboard “Most Reimbursed” Added

As an Amazon FBA seller, you may at one time, or another face an issue or error where reimbursements are owed to you. This may arise from customer returns, inbound shipments, lost inventory, or damaged inventory. To provide a quick glimpse of the products that are most reimbursed by dollar value, you may now view this ranking in the Profit Dashboard.

To view the “Most Reimbursed” ranking, simply click on the “Dashboard” menu tab, followed by “Profit” on the side menu. On the Profit Dashboard, scroll downwards and click on the “Most Reimbursed” tab after you have located it.




2. Profit Dashboard “Was” rules (Period Comparison Update)

The Profit Dashboard “Was” period comparison has been updated to reflect similar period comparisons more accurately. To adjust the time period of the data displayed, first click on the “Dashboard” menu tab, followed by “Profit” on the side menu. On the Profit Dashboard, select the time period of interest (by default the time period should be the current month).


To view how the periods have changed, please see the below chart for example.



3. Other Minor Updates

  • Profit Dashboard Default Time Period. When viewing your profit Dashboard, the default period will now be “This Month”
  • Negative Numbers Format. Negative values within the Profit Dashboard or Profit section within Reports will now show a negative sign, rather than brackets.

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