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2020-10 BigCentral v1.3.8 Communications Guidelines Update

BQool Support 2
BQool Support 2
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The latest update for BQool’s BigCentral reflects the product’s alignment with Amazon’s latest communication guidelines, which goes into effect on Nov 3. For more detailed information, feel free to contact BQool support.

Communication Guidelines Update:

  • Removal of Opened and Opened Rate
  • Email Campaigns themes removal
  • Automatic attachment of Order ID on Email Campaigns
  • Other minor updates
    • http:// to https://
    • Buyer-Seller Messaging quick reply removal
    • 30-day email delivery limit
    • Email product images removal

Please note that sellers have 2 options to request seller feedback and product reviews from buyers.

  • Seller Requested (Branded) Email Automation, and
  • 100% Amazon-compliant Request a Review.

Both features include their own advantages depending on your requirements. Click here to learn more.


1. Automatic attachment of Order ID on Email Campaigns

Sellers are now required to include the Order ID in the subject line. BQool has accounted for this with the option to automatically include an order ID to the end of every subject line, saving you time from searching every individual order. When the “Attach Order ID to end of subject” is checked, and if there is no {{order_id}} variable or 17 number order number, then the Order ID will be added automatically.




2. Removal of Opened and Opened Rate

Amazon’s latest communication guidelines stated that permitted messages may not include tracking pixels or image. In aligning with these guidelines, the email Opened and Opened Rate will no longer be displayed within the email campaign feature.



3. Email Campaigns themes removal

The Email Campaigns feature will no longer include Themes and Saved Themes. Existing campaigns will automatically have their themes removed.


Other Minor Updates

  • “http://” to “https://”. When inserting an image or attachment in the Content section of your Email Campaign, the embedded link will now be secured.
  • Buyer-Seller Messaging quick reply removal. The quick replies within the Ticket Manager have been removed.
  • 30-day email delivery limit. Within the Email Campaign, when selecting the period to schedule the email delivery for both FBA and FBM orders, the available time period will now show up to 30 days.
  • Email product images removal. Product images within the content of an email will no longer be available. However, the 5-star feedback/review picture will remain as a 5-star plain text link, incentivizing your customers to leave a review.

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