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Introduction of Chrome Extension

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Chrome Extension gives you an instant, insightful, and always-on product research analytics for any Amazon product.

Identify Profitable Products

You can Identify a product’s profit potential by comparing key metrics right on the Amazon search page. Any time you visit the Amazon storefront, you will be able to see the Chrome extension at work. 

Listing / Keyword Optimization

In addition to the convenient product research, it can also help you find high converting keywords from the keyword generator or spy on competitor's keywords with the Reverse ASIN search when using the Chrome extension on the Amazon search page.

Where to find Chrome Extension?

This state-of-the-art feature can be found in the Chrome Extension section in the bottom left of the Research Manager page. After clicking the button, you will be redirected to the Chrome Extension Page, where you can have it added to your Chrome Browser. 

It is worth mentioning that Chrome extension can only be applied to Google Chrome browser. Other browsers like Opera, FireFox, or Edge are not currently compatible. 


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