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Why do the modified and matching conditions settings not apply for price adjustment?

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 The price will be checked by the system once per day. Therefore, after modifying the Conditions, you need to check again on the next day, and the new settings under the modified conditions will be applied.

For example,

Inventory age: “more than 365 days / between 181 & 270 days / between 61 & 90 days / between 0 & 30 days” as the previous setting.

The data only shows on the report that “Inventory age between 31 & 60 days” when the system checks on the day. However, this condition has not been set so that the setting “AI Profit Maximizer Rule” under the condition “When none of the above conditions is met” is applied on that day to adjust the price.


The price will not be modified to the “AI Profit Booster Rule” under the condition “between 31 & 60 days” for repricing when adjusting the setting from “between 0 & 30 days” to “between 31 & 60 days” on the same day.

However, the setting “AI Profit Booster Rule” under “between 31 & 60 days” will be applied when the data is checked again on the next day.



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