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Why does the FBM Advanced Conditions rule have fewer conditions than the FBA Advanced Conditions rule?

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The missing conditions are the data only for FBA sellers.


  • Inventory age: Shows the age of your in-stock units.  Inventory age units = available + reserved - pending removal units.
  • Sell-through rate: The number of units sold and delivered over the past 90 days divided by the average number of sellable units in fulfillment centers during that time
  • Days of supply: The estimated number of days that your current inventory supply will last based on the projected demand for your product.
  • Inbound quantity: The number of incoming units. Inbound quantity = working units + shipped units + receiving units.
  • Storage type: Standard-size, Oversize, Aerosol, Apparel, Flammable, Footwear and Extra-large.
  • Estimated excess: Estimated excess are units for which Amazon forecast that it will cost you more to keep in stock and pay storage costs than to reduce by repricing or liquidating.
  • Estimated long term storage fee: Estimated long term storage fee is charged monthly when your inventory has been in a fulfillment center for more than 365 days in addition to the monthly inventory storage fee. Long-term storage fees are assessed using an inventory snapshot on the 15th of each month.
  • Estimated long term storage units: Estimated long term storage units is estimated number of units that will be subject to long-term storage fees on your next charge date, assuming no further sales.

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