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Quickly Set up Min Price , Max Price and Rule to start repricer- Part 3

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Assign Rule

Method A:
Individual Setting:
Listings→Active Listings→ Select the AI Rule for each ASIN





 Method B:

Multiple Setting (Bulk Action):
Select multiple ASINs as in the below illustration and click “Set Min/Max Price & Rule“.



Turn on the Set Rule button and select the Rule you want then Save it. 



Method C:

Upload File Setting: The user can set up the Rules by uploading the report onto the BQool system. Please follow the instructions below:

Select “Upload File”


Select “Repricing Central File “and click “Download Blank Template“


Click on the "Repricing Template" tab below in Excel to create your Repricing Central File. (The Column Channel, Seller SKU, Rule Name, Min Price, and Max Price are necessary.)

Once you have finished editing, save the file as a tab-delimited text file (.TXT). Click "Save As" and choose "Text (Tab delimited)" as the file type.


Go back to the Repricing Central page, click “Locate File to Upload” to upload the completed file, and click “Upload Now”. 



For more information regarding File Upload Method to Enter Min / Max, please visit Bulk Upload: File Upload Method


Repricing Start

Please Go back to the Active Listings Page when you complete to Set up Your Min Price , Max Price and Rule.

Now you can Start Repricer





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