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How to Add Users and Set User Permission?

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BQool Support
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Add Users


Go to Manage Users and click Add Users to add more accounts.




Enter the email, first name, last name, and the permission name as in the below page and then click Save.




The confirmation of the authentication email will be sent to new users you have added and new users have to activate their account first.




The new user need to create a password and retype it to activate the BQool account as the below illustration shows.

Note: New users can set their own passwords, which means their passwords don't have to be the same as the main account.




After the new added accounts have been comfirmed by their owners, the account status will be turned to “Active“.






Add Permissions


Select Manage Permissions and then choose Add Permissions as following step.




Enter the Permission Name , the user functions (None/ View only/ View & Edit/ Admin) can be selected depending on what you need for this user in BigCentral, Repricing Central and in the BQool account.→ Click Save











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