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Manage Reviews under Review Manager

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Users can check on the details of the reviews for the tracked listings via the review categories in the Review Manager. 


The system will display the reviews received from all marketplaces. Then from the All Marketplaces menu, users can choose to check on the reviews from a specific marketplace.


After selecting certain listings, users can use Bulk action to edit the status of multiple selected reviews at once.



Users can sort the reviews with a specific rating type or certain rating above or below.


Column Introduction

Only the listings that have been toggled on will display the following information:


  • Date Received: The date when the system downloaded the product review to the Review Manager.
  • Date Created: The date when the reviewer left the review.
  • Reviewer: the pen name of the reviewer
  • Rating: the star ratings that the reviewer left.
  • Review: the review title and the written review

-Newly received reviews will display the “new” icon (the icon will disappear after 24 hours.)

-Reviews that have been revised will display the “changed” icon

-Reviews that have been deleted will display the “Removed” icon.


The Review Tracker records any changes made to every product review. 

By clicking on a changed review, users can see the original version of the review and the subsequent changes that were made to it. If buyers also uploaded product videos or images, users can see these.


  • Review Types   

      Review Tracker detects 6 types of reviews and categorizes them.


    VP = Verified Purchase 

    Amazon verified that the person writing the review purchased the product from Amazon, and they didn't receive the product at a big discount.

    ER = Early Reviewer
    For more info, click here.

    VINE = Vine Customer Review
    Amazon enables a select group of Amazon customers to post opinions about new and pre-release items to help their fellow customers make educated purchasing decisions.

    TOPC = Top Contributor
    Customers who frequently share reviews or answers related to the Interests that they're most passionate about and that other customers find interesting or helpful.

    TOPR = Top XX Reviewer
    The Top Reviewer Rankings showcase Amazon’s current best contributors.
    HOP = Hall of Fame
    The Hall of Fame honors the top reviewers who have been highly ranked in previous years.

    For more information related to VINE / TOPC / TOPR / HOP, please visit the Amazon Help and Customer Service link below. / 


  • Review Status

Users can control whether the initial status of a new review should be "Open" or "Closed" based on the average rating.

For example, if the business strategy is that no action is needed for 3-star reviews, users can change the status to "Closed." All 3-star reviews received from Amazon after this setting is saved will be automatically marked as "Closed".

To set up the automation of the Review status, please visit Review Settings


  • Actions:

Through the Actions drop-down menu, users can perform the following actions: 

Contact Seller Support:  Users can request to remove a controversial review.

Add a note: Users can add notes to a specific review for future reference.

Action Status: Users can mark a review as Pending Reply, Pending Resolved or closed in accordance with the user’s operation procedures.



Download Report

Users can filter to define the review requirements and click download. A pop-up will inform users that the system can only download the first page of reviews from the search results to the CSV file.



Review Tracking with Google Translate

To increase the efficiency of managing reviews, Review Tracking has now integrated with Google Translate. This minimizes the time required to jump back and forth between BigCentral and a 3rd Party translation program.

To access this functionality, first click on the “Service” menu followed by “Reviews” under the “Review Manager”. Then, under the “Reviews” column, select the review that you wish to view.


Then select the language of choice. 


Users can also add an internal note directly to the customer review interface.

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