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Introduction about Listings under Review Manager

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The listing page will display all the listings from each marketplace. From here, users can choose to track the reviews on certain listings.



Review Tracking Update Frequency 


Users can decide whichever listing to track the review of and customize the review tracking frequency. There are three types of Review Tracking frequency outlined below: 

  • 1- hour Review Tracking: The system will update the latest product review status every 1 hour. The 1-hour review tracking feature is available for $100 plans and above. 

  • 24- hour Review Tracking: The system will update the latest product review status every 24 hours. 

  • Auto Review Tracking: The system takes the metrics of Units Sold in the past 30 days as a reference and assigns a certain number of listings with a relatively high Units Sold number to be on the 1-hour review update speed. 

In other words, BQool determines which listings to apply the 1-hour tracking frequency using Units Sold as the indicator. We assign the top 10% of listings with the highest unit sold to be on the 1-hour review update.




For example, if the review tracking limit is 2000 listings, users can have 200 listings for the 1-hour review update frequency.       

Please note that after the review tracking is enabled for a certain product, the review manager will download the reviews of each tracked listing from the past 90 days. If the amount of reviews from the last 90 days surpasses the first 10 searched pages, BQool will only download the first 10 pages. If the reviews are older than 90 days, they will not be downloaded to our system unless they happen to be on the same search page as the reviews from within the last 90 days-- the review tracker will download the reviews from the whole page.

Based on market research, the product reviews from the last 90 days are the most relevant and useful to your current product performance. Each review in which BQool downloads from Amazon will be kept for one year. Thus, if you want to download the reviews from the past year on certain ASINs you’ll be able to refer back to them, as long as you maintain an active subscription for a one-year period. 



Column Introduction

Only the listings that have been toggled on will display the following information. 

  • The number of reviews in the past 24 hours
  • The number of changed reviews in the past 24 hours



  • Average Rating: The metrics of the product’s average star rating on Amazon
  • Total Rating: The overall star rating of a listing or a parent ASIN on the Amazon selling page.
    The overall star rating includes feedback from customers who simply rated the product as well as the traditional reviews with text, images, or video. Only ratings from verified purchases will contribute to the product’s overall star rating.
  • Total Reviews: The total number of written reviews for a listing on the Amazon selling page. (Ratings left without written reviews won’t be counted toward the total reviews.)


Take the Customer review image attached below as an example. The average rating is 4.6; the number of total ratings is 104; the total number of reviews is 48.



How to start tracking product reviews? 

Simply click on one of the listings you wish to track the review of and choose the review update frequency. You can choose 24-hours, 1-hour and Auto. 

Please note that 1-hour review tracking is available starting with the $100 plan and above.



Users can use the Bulk Action to Set Tracker on/off for multiple listings at once. The system will then update the reviews for each listing being tracked from 24 hours to 1 hour. The system will only update the reviews of listings with the review tracker toggled on when the time of the update is triggered.



Note: Review Manager will download all the product reviews regardless of the Verified Purchase status.


Add Listingmceclip11.png

Users can track other sellers’ listings or any listings they are interested in by selecting the channel and adding the ASIN to the listing field. Once the listing is added, users can proceed to toggle on the review tracker. 

Please note that the Units Sold metric for added listings won’t be available if the listing doesn’t belong to the user’s own Amazon store. 



Review Analytics

Review Analytics can now provide in-depth insights on a user’s product reviews. Reviews can now be analyzed by features, customer groups & interests and by keywords.


The analytics can also be used as an indicator of the fluctuation of reviews. 

Take the image attached below for an example. The number of 1-star negative reviews decreased by 4 in the past 7 days.


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