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Review settings are comprised of two sections: Review Notification and Review Email Notification and General

Review Email Notificationsmceclip3.png

If users would like to know when new product reviews are downloaded, users can set up Email Notifications in their Review Settings. Please go to BigCRM > Settings > Review > Email Alert to turn on the Email Notifications.

Please make sure that the user has selected the level of star ratings they wish to monitor and select which user accounts should receive the review alert email.  

Review Statusmceclip1.png

BQool automatically assigns new reviews received as "Open." In the Review Status section, users can control whether the initial status of a new review should be "Open" or "Closed" based on the average rating.

For example, if the business strategy is such that no action is needed for 3-star reviews, users can change the status to "Closed." All 3-star reviews received from Amazon after this setting is saved will be automatically marked as "Closed".


The Download Amazon Active Listing Report function is set to be toggled on by default. Please note that the setting must be turned on in order to activate the Review Manager & Listing Manager.

With the latest Active Listing Report, the system can display the product listings of the given marketplace in the listing section of Review Manager for users to choose whichever listings to track the product reviews.


If users turn off “Downloading Amazon Active Listings Report,” the system will stop updating the product listing data info on the UGC and Listings sections. The system will display the info received from the last Amazon Active Listing Report.

Following that, if users have new ASIN uploaded to Amazon Seller Central, the new listing won't be shown in the Listings section when the Download Amazon Active Listing Report option is toggled off.

Users have to toggle on the "Download Amazon Active Listing Report option" so as to update the new listings data info.

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