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Review Email Notification & Review Status

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BQool Support
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Review Email Notifications

If users would like to know when new product reviews are downloaded, users can set up Email Notifications in their Alerts Settings. Please go to BigCentral > Settings > Alert > Alert Settings to turn on the Email Notifications.

Please make sure to select the level of star ratings you wish to monitor and select which user accounts should receive the review alert email.  

Review Status

BQool automatically assigns new reviews received as "Open." In the Review Status section, you can control whether the initial status of a new review should be "Open" or "Closed" based on the average rating.

For example, if the business strategy is such that no action is needed for 3-star reviews, users can change the status to "Closed." All 3-star reviews received from Amazon after this setting is saved will be automatically marked as "Closed."

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