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Shared & Local Permission 

BQool has created greater visibility and flexibility for sellers to define the shared permission types of sub-users accounts. 

To add permissions, first, navigate to BQool Account > Manage Permissions

How to add new user permissions?

Click the Add Permission button.

Please enter the name of the permission and specify which user will be assigned under this permission. The users with shared permission can switch to differently linked BQool accounts, whereas the users with local permission can only operate in the given account. 




Please click on each product’s drop-down menu to specify the permission details. Next, select the level of access for this permission for each marketplace.


None: the user is not authorized to see the content on the page.

View Only: the user can only view the content but cannot change the content.

View & Edit: allow the user to view and change the content.


mceclip8.pngThe details of the Ticket Manager's permission will be introduced and explained in the Ticket Settings article. 

Subsequently, please click "No users selected " and select which user will be assigned under this permission.



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