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Filters of Reviews under Review Manager

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BQool Support
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The filter has 12 functions. In the Review section, only the functions that haven’t been introduced in the Listings section will be outlined here.


  • Date Created: 
    The date when the buyer left the review.
  • Date Received:
    The date when the system downloaded the product review to the Review Manager.
  • Channel: 
    Users can select all marketplace or a specific marketplace.
  • Rating:
    Select a specific rating or choose multiple ratings.


  • Reviewer: The name of the Reviewer.
  • Review Type: 
    Select review with Upload images and/or videos.
    Providing that users didn’t select Image or video, if the review has uploaded image or video, then the review won’t be presented in the search result.
    If the review has an image and the video and only the video option is selected, then this review will be view as eligible and be presented in the search result.
  • Reviewer Type: 
    Review Tracker detects 6 types of reviews and categorizes them.
  • Reviews Status:
    Users can control whether the initial status of a new review should be "Open" or "Closed" based on the average rating.
    Other than that, the system can sort reviews by Review Status. Users can choose multiple review statuses.
    The review statuses are categorized as Open/Pending, Reply/Pending, Resolved or Resolved/ Unresolved.

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