BigCRM Subscription Synchronization and Upgrade Part 2


Various Payment options on the Subscription Page 




On the My Subscription page, the system will display an exclamation mark indicating the date when the free trial expires. Users are able to check the complete Free Trial plan details.  

The illustration of the Free Trial plan seen below shows the current BigCRM Plan, the number of available emails, the cost of the overage email fee, and the number of ASINs included for the Review Manager.  

In the upper right corner, there is a Subscribe Now drop down menu. Users can choose to subscribe to BigCRM immediately or to cancel the Free Trial Subscription.  


 Active BigCRM users

The My Subscription page displays information regarding the Billing Cycle, Next Payment Date. and the amount due.  

On the right side of the My subscription page, users can find the Subscription option menu. Users can choose to Upgrade, Downgrade, and Cancel the current subscription.  mceclip0.png


The cancel option allows users to stop the automatic subscription renewal. After clicking on the cancel option, users can choose to either cancel all the marketplaces under the current BigCRM plan or partially cancel certain marketplaces.  

As illustrated in the image seen below, this example BigCRM account includes the Review Manager and the US, UK, and CA marketplaces.  

If the user only selects the Review Manager, the US, and the UK marketplaces to cancel, the remaining CA marketplace will still exist. Therefore, the BigCRM subscription will remain active.  

The canceled Review Manager will return to the complimentary 5 ASINs after the billing cycle ends.  



After choosing to upgrade the plan, all the fields on the subscription plan page will provide upgrade options.           


If the billing cycle is already an annual subscription, then the Billing Cycle field will turn grey and not be able to switch back to a monthly subscription. If the billing cycle is a monthly subscription, then the user can select whether to stay on a monthly subscription or upgrade to an annual subscription in the Billing Cycle field.  

All the previous marketplaces will be shown in the Channel field. Users can’t delete these preset marketplaces but can add new ones for the upgrade plan.  mceclip3.png

The images below show that the example subscription is the 2000 plan. After clicking on Upgrade, the user can only choose the upper tier plans starting from 2000. The 500 plan will not be shown. 




After clicking downgrade, users can choose a monthly or annual subscription in the billing cycle field. A monthly plan can’t be downgraded to an annual plan. However, an annual plan can be downgraded to a monthly plan.  


The previous add-on marketplaces will be shown in the Channel filed after users click on downgrade plan. Users can delete them and or add on new marketplaces.  

Active Cancel  

After users cancel their BigCRM subscription, the subscription status will become Active Cancel. On the My subscription page, it will display the Final Account Cancellation Date and the cancel icon will be displayed under the Next Payment Date. 

If users decide to keep their BigCRM subscription, they can click on the Pay Now dropdown menu to choose Pay Now, Upgrade and Downgrade.  



Choosing Pay Now 

If the user selects Pay Now, the system will be redirected to a Confirm Payment page, where the previous subscription details and total payment amount will be shown. 


After clicking on the agreement checkbox which states that the user has agreed to BQool’s Terms and conditions and acknowledged all the fees are non-refundable, the user can proceed to complete the payment process.  


The subscription will then be automatically renewed when the previous contract expires.   



Inactive Payment  

If the system fails to charge the payment, under My subscription the system will display the Payment Overdue alert icon under the Next Payment Date header. Users are able to check the complete plan details as well.  

The Pay Now dropdown menu on the right side of the page allow users to Pay Now, Upgrade, Downgrade, and Cancel.  


After clicking on Pay Now, users will be redirected to the Payment Method page to update their credit card information or choose other payment methods like Paypal. 



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