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How to stop repricing on the stockout listings efficiently so that BQool doesn't count them toward the plan limits?

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By default, BQool won’t pause the repricing mechanics on stockout listings. The notion behind this is that when the out-of-stock listings are replenished, BQool is able to reprice them automatically.

The system can't predict when the stockout listings will be replenished in the future, so the system won't pause the repricing on those listings. If BQool decided to automatically pause repricing on all the stockout listings, it is likely that some users would have to put in extra labor to sort out the recent replenished listings.  

Having said that, there are two solutions to pause repricing on the stockout listings and make more room to reprice the new coming listings.

Solution 1: Pause Repricing when Listing is out of stock for Certain Days

The 'pause repricing' feature provides you with the flexibility to automatically pause Out of Stock listings, ensuring they do not count towards your total listing limit.

To easily setup this feature, please follow the steps below. 

1. Navigate to the "General" on the Manage Listing Page.



2. In the “General Settings” pop-up, scroll down and locate the “Pause repricing when listing is out of stock for __ days” function.

You can toggle the On/Off button to turn on or off this setting and select the number of days from the dropdown box to start pausing the repricing function.


3. Click “Save” to save your settings.

This feature allows you to automatically pause out of stock listings after a certain number of days so the stockout listings won’t be counted toward your Repricing plan limit.

For example, if the threshold is set to 8 days, the system will pause repricing on all the stockout listings which have not been replenished in the past consecutive 8 days.



This setting can be used to avoid labor-intensive work to sort out old stockout and Repricing enabled listings and pause them to spare more repricing room for new listings.

Please note that the system has to detect the listing being stocked out for a consecutive number of designated days before pausing the repricing mechanic. If the listing was not stocked out consecutively during the specified number of days (for example, a listing might get replenished or have repricing paused manually), the system will reset the stockout countdown days.

Notification: Pause Repricing on Stockout listings for a certain number of days.
The system will show that the listings had repricing paused due to this general setting as seen in the image attached below.mceclip3.png


Solution 2: Bulk Action: Pausing Repricing on Multiple Listings at once

You can easily use the filter to sort all the listings that are currently Repricing Enabled and Inactive. Following that, you can use bulk action to pause repricing at a maximum of 500 listings per action. 

1. Navigate to the "Preference Tab" on the Manage Listing Page.



2. Choose 500 for the results per page.


3. Sort out the listings on the Manage Listing Page by these two attributes: Repricing Enabled and Inactive.

Subsequently, you will get a number of listings that match the search results.


4. Select all the listings by ticking the upper left header box and click on "Bulk Actions>Pause Repricing" for all the selected listings.



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