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The List Price Discrepancy between the BQool Manage Listing Page and Amazon Selling Page.

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We often receive a lot of questions regarding why the List Price(Your Price + Shipping) at BQool Manage Listing page and Competitor Analysis differ from the List Price on the Amazon Selling Page.  

In short, the cause of the issue lies in the time it takes for updated data to be reported by Amazon, retrieved by our Reporting system, and displayed on different sections on the BQool interface.

Once BQool receives a ‘price changed’ notification from Amazon, BQool calculates the new price on BQool’s end based on the given Repricing Rules and sends the new price back to the Amazon Selling page first.




Shortly after Amazon receives the new price and confirms it, it updates the listing with the new price on the Seller's Amazon storefront.





The List Price on the Manage listing tends to be the last place for BQool to update because BQool tends to put most of our computing resources handling the transaction as mentioned above.





If the user checks on the Manage listing after the updated data has been published, the price should be synchronized with its counterpart on Amazon Selling page.

BQool updates the Manage listing periodically, and it can sometimes take a short interval to reflect recent changes.


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